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Features - Inventory

• Birth to Grave tracking of every phone The life of a phone can be very complex. You can buy it, transfer it between three locations, sell it, it is exchanged for a newer nicer phone a week later, you sell it to another customer (maybe at a discount) they then exchange it a couple days later, you send it back to your wholesaler, who then sends it again back to you weeks later and now it is back on your shelf! With a simple lookup, you can see all that has ever happened to it, and this information will be available to you forever. If a phone gets lost, you can track every step it made!

• Rapid inventory Entry When you receive a shipment from your master dealer, if they are using ROSS, you can have your inventory entered as fast as you can type the ticket number into the system. If, they don't, you can enter a batch of five hundred of the same phone in about ten minutes! or five hundered of ten different phone types in about fifteen

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